• Spring 2022 Update

    We have been back in Michigan for almost a month now, and feel like we are finally getting our feet under us. Our goodbyes in Jamaica were incredibly bittersweet, but we are excited for what's next for us!

  • February Update

    Happy 2022! We wanted to send out a quick update to touch base with you all on our family and ministry as of late.

  • 2021 Year End

    The past couple of months have been incredibly busy, and now we can hardly believe 2021 is nearly over! It has been a year of growth and stretching both from our ministry and our personal life. We thought we'd walk you through what's been going on recently, and share about what's coming for us in 2022!

  • Ministry Transition

    It has been a couple of busy months for us, and we are excited to share more with you about what we have been up to...including some big news about how our ministry is changing!

  • She's here!


    We're so excited to introduce you to our daughter!

    (and to share a bit about the past few months!)