2021 Year End

    *For those in a hurry, read the underlined text!

    The past couple of months have been incredibly busy, and now we can hardly believe 2021 is nearly over! It has been a year of growth and stretching both from our ministry and our personal life. We thought we'd walk you through what's been going on recently, and share about what's coming for us in 2022!


    In our last update, we shared about how our ministry is transitioning in 2022. We were asked by CCCD's US office to fill two leadership roles, and we have accepted! Pat has accepted a Vice President full-time position, and Kara accepted the Office Administrator part-time position. Pat has loved transitioning into his new role the past couple of months, and is excited for what this next year is going to bring! Kara will begin training for the Office Administrator position in April, and fully transition into the role in May.

    At the end of November, we moved into our new house in Zeeland! We have loved making it our own, and are excited to be Zeelanders now. In December, despite our best efforts, all four of us tested positive for COVID-19. This was a hard couple of weeks of being very sick and in quarantine, but we were able to see the silver lining: We now have additional immunity (along with our vaccinations) as we go to travel to Jamaica in January, and we were able to complete quarantine before Christmas with our families. Although we still have some lingering effects from COVID, we are so grateful to be recovered and feel very blessed that we were not in more severe condition!


    On January 8, the four of us head to Jamaica for eight weeks! We are really excited to return to our other home after being gone for so long. During our time, we will focus on our relationships within CCCD, working with short term teams, and organizing and packing up our house. When we return to Michigan in March, Kara will be begin training for the Office Administrator position and Pat will resume his current responsibilities with the US office.

    2021 was a year full of growth for our family - even literally! Gianna is now five months old and working on her first teeth, and Silas seems taller and sillier every day. We feel so blessed by our family and our community, near and far. Thank you for supporting us this year, whether that was through prayer, finances, or connection.

    We will continue fundraising our salary in 2022 and beyond, and we are approximately $8,000 away from our 2021 goal. We want to ask you to prayerfully consider making a one-time or monthly gift to our ministry. Please visit our giving page for more information, or feel free to reach out!

    We wish you all a happy holiday and a blessed new year!
    Pat, Kara, Silas, and Gianna


    Prayer requests:
    - PRAISE for our new house in Zeeland
    - PRAISE for the Lord's protection while we were sick, and His immaculate timing
    - PRAISE for the ability to travel to Jamaica in January for an extended period
    - PRAISE for a successful end to CCCD's search for a new Executive Director: We welcome Mr. Leon Samms to CCCD in 2022!
    - ASK for a blessing over our trip, specifically for peace in the transition, as well as continued health
    - ASK for protection from COVID on CCCD's campuses that have been able to have some students return to in-person learning


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