Fall 2022 Newsletter

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    Happy Fall! As with most of you, fall has been a busy time for the Bloemendaals and for CCCD. We've hit a couple of milestones in our family, and CCCD has students back on campus for the new school year. Read on below!


    S U M M E R   S U M M A R Y

    CCCD had an active summer of teams, and the Spring Hope campaign and Back to School campaigns were both incredibly successful! This summer continued to be a learning curve with our new positions, but we are feeling like we have our feet under us, and we're both really loving what we're doing. Pat loves getting to be in direct contact with teams and interns from all over the country, and Kara continues to enjoy the administrative side of the ministry. Although the outskirts of Hurricane Ian did hit Jamaica, the island ultimately sustained little damage compared to what it could have been. Schools across the island, in addition to the Jamaica Deaf Village, closed due to flooding and high winds (see the photo below). Although Jamaica anticipates a hurricane season each year (remember when it downpoured for over a week straight when we were there?) it is still an uncertain and often scary time for those on the island. We are so grateful for the ways Jamaica was protected.

    Our family had a lot of fun this summer continuing to adjust to life back in Michigan. We spent a ton of time outside in the sprinkler, on bike rides, and even got to northern Michigan for a few days! At the end of the summer, Gianna turned 1 (August 7) and Silas turned 3 (September 5). There are so many things we could say about our feelings of having a 1 year old and a 3 year old, in conjunction with how the past year of life has been with them by our side, but we simply don't have a long enough newsletter for that! We are incredibly grateful, and although having two little ones has made this transition from living abroad in Jamaica to moving back to the US a little more "interesting", we can't imagine it any other way. In August, we also celebrated 5 years of marriage! Talk about grateful.

    F A L L   U P D A T E S

    Unfortunately, due to the skyrocketing flight prices, Pat had to move his planned fall Jamaica trip to January. He will be leading two vision trips on that trip, in addition to a second and longer trip (hopefully for all four of us) in the spring. Work in the US office has started to ramp up even more as we prepare for the end of the year. We are currently running a Christmas Fund that is raising money for campuses to throw a Christmas party, which will be shortly followed by our Year End letter. Students are back on campus throughout Jamaica, and staff have shared how exciting it is to have them buzzing about!  To donate online, please follow this link to learn more.

    A big milestone that our family crossed this fall was Silas beginning preschool (Well, "threeschool") a few mornings per week! He is in an outdoor school that focuses on the fun, adventure, and beauty we can find in God's creation. There was a learning curve with getting into a new routine, but Silas is absolutely loving it. He continues to be silly, energetic, calculated, and very dramatic (we do a LOT of laughing). He has the biggest heart and it has been so cool to see it shine through him developing friendships with other kids. Gianna is wildly on the move, and has been popping teeth like crazy - Truly, she has gotten 8 in the past month alone, and is currently working on 4 more! She has gotten incredibly chatty, and continues to be our sweet pea, despite her learning how to push her brother's buttons (who among us can't relate?)


    L O O K I N G   F O R W A R D

    As many of you know, our salary is still entirely funded by our community. We want to ask you to consider supporting our family (and thereby CCCD) on a financial level. We would love to talk more about what this relationship looks like, but for more information, please check out our website. We quite literally could not do what we do without your support (on many levels), and although it feels like we say this in each newsletter, we are just so grateful for all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for how you come alongside our family.


    Prayer requests:
    ASK for continued health on all of our campuses across Jamaica
    PRAISE for the effects of Hurricane Ian being minimal in Jamaica (compared to what they could have been)
    PRAISE for the increase in LIFE teams and short term missionaries(interns) that were able to come to the island over the summer and fall. This is a large financial support to CCCD in Jamaica and ultimately raises awareness of the Deaf in our own backyard
    ASK for the US office (especially Kara in her financial role) as we approach the year's end to have endurance and focus, as well as for financial support of CCCD. This will be our busiest time of the year with Christmas and year-end giving!
    PRAISE for a number of new students at our schools this year, meaning that awareness of Deaf culture, of Deaf education, and ultimately of Jesus is growing!


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