February Update

    Happy 2022! We wanted to send out a quick update to touch base with you all, with the intent of sending a more in depth newsletter in the coming months. 

    W H E R E   A R E   W E ?

    We are sitting in our house in Jamaica as we write this! Our family has been here for about three weeks now. We are excited to be back and to have Gianna with us this time. Our time so far has been busy between unpacking, working with mission teams, sorting our belongings (Jamaica/US/give/sell), caring for Silas and Gianna, catching up with JDV residents, and (specifically Pat’s) new duties for the US office. One of our focuses this trip is to prepare for our new and future roles by meeting with leadership on each campus. In these meetings, we are streamlining the processes with mission teams and missionaries and learning ways the US office can best support each campus. 

    S I L A S

    We’ve been asked a lot how Silas responded to coming back to Jamaica. Upon pulling into the village, he was so excited - running around and squealing once we got into the house. He has had a ton of fun mooing at the cows, chasing the dogs, playing with the residents, and swimming in our blow up pool. He continues to take his role as big brother very seriously, never short on hugs and kisses for his sister. 


    G I A N N A

    Gianna is growing like a weed, now almost 6 months old! She continues to be incredibly sweet and patient, though she has a very silly side that has been showing through. She is rolling and drooling and kicking nonstop - It feels like she’s always been here! Even though having two young kids in the midst of this transition adds some chaos, we wouldn’t change having them here with us and walking this journey together. We are so grateful for them. 

    S U P P O R T

    We want to thank you for your continued support of our family - both prayerfully and financially. We ended 2021 meeting our annual budget, something so many missionaries cannot say the same of. Our community means everything to us, and the ways you have shown up throughout our ministry journey continue to leave us speechless. Thank you, thank you, thank you


    We plan to be back in West Michigan mid-March, and would love to get together and properly catch up! If this is something you’re interested in, please reach out to either Pat (pat@cccdjamaica.org) or Kara (kara@cccdjamaica.org). Keep an eye out for our spring newsletter, where we will share about saying “see you later” to Jamaica, starting our new positions in CCCD’s US office, and about what the summer holds for us! 


    Pat, Kara, Silas, and Gianna


    Prayer requests:
    - PRAISE for safe travels to Jamaica
    - ASK that our time in Jamaica is fruitful as we prepare for our future roles
    - PRAISE for in-person learning for all campuses
    - ASK for protection and discernment on each campus against COVID-19
    - PRAISE for our ability to come to Jamaica for an extended period before officially moving to West Michigan
    - ASK for opportunities for "good goodbyes" within our relationships here on-island


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