July 2020 Newsletter

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    We've now been living in Jamaica for six months! That is absolutely crazy to us. We decided to do a video update in celebration of the half-year mark, to talk more about our jobs here within the ministry, and to share some exciting news!


    A couple of other things not mentioned above...

    S A H A R A N   D U S T

    2020 has been full of surprises each month for everyone, and June was no different! Here, we experienced a natural phenomenon called Saharan Dust. This is a common occurrence in the summer months in the Caribbean - basically, dust and sand from the Saharan Desert accumulates and makes its way across the ocean in a cloud. The difference this year was that the cloud was significantly bigger in density and size - bigger than it has been in over 50 years!Governments across the Caribbean (and into the lower US even) were encouraging people to stay inside, and to wear masks if going outside as the dust posed a threat to inhale and even to get on your skin. Our house does not have air conditioning, so our windows that are always open suddenly needed to be shut. The dust is known for pushing off rain as well as drastically increasing temperatures...both we found to be true. During the day, it looked like we were in a constant fog cloud (pictured), and we couldn't see the blue of the sky at all. It was an interesting few days, and Silas even ended up in his swimming pool in the middle of our living room (pictured), but we managed through it! We didn't lose electricity once and are so grateful for that fact (and for fans!)


    R O S I E

    At the beginning of June, we got a dog! She is a 1 year old black shihtzu/poodle mix who we named Rosie (pictured). She came from a kennel with some not-so-great conditions that was using her for breeding, so she is very happy to be in her new home. Rosie is incredibly sweet and loves Silas to pieces. We missed having a four-legged friend around, and feel incredibly blessed by the pup we were able to find!

    J A M A I C A N I S M S

    We found that veterinary services here are much more affordable than in the US. Another notable difference is that, when you want your animal to be spayed or neutered, rather than scheduling the surgery yourself, your name is added to a list and you are then contacted with the date your animal will have surgery. In our case, we were called on a Tuesday and told that Rosie would be spayed that Thursday! 


    Prayer requests:
    - Praise for continued regular rain - our water cistern is overflowing (literally!)
    - Praise for reasonable flights to (hopefully) visit the US this summer
    - Prayers for Silas - he currently has his top four teeth coming in! He has been a trooper but it has been a long process for him!
    - Prayers for our trip to the States in August - that the pandemic will be diminished to a point that it is safe to fly and visit
    - Prayers for continued health and overall wellness and peace for the families and individuals living here in the Jamaican Deaf Village 



    Sue Machiela says (Jul 4, 2020):

    Oh what good news for coming home late summer. Sounds like you are all doing great with connecting and developing friendships. Silas looks like a very happy little guy. So lovable and always smiling!! Prayers continue and hope to see you in August. Bob and Sue Machiela

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