June 2019 Newsletter

    Hello from Colorado, friends!
    May was quite a month - it's difficult to know where to even start in sharing about it. The past few days alone have been incredibly eventful, so bear with us in this newsletter as some of this has *technically* happened in June :)

    F i n i s h e d • J o b s

    We are officially unemployed! Eeek!

    Kara had her last day of work as a counselor at Community Mental Health on May 30. This was interesting as saying goodbye in counseling is so different than saying goodbye to our friends and family - It's a "forever" goodbye, but is still an intimate (yet professional) relationship. Kara had the opportunity to meet the therapist coming onto all of her cases and was able to do some combined sessions with her and clients to ease the transition. Overall Kara feels SO encouraged by the oncoming therapist and the work that she's going to do with Community Mental Health (and for any clients who find themselves reading this, Emily is going to rock your world!!!). This helped with leaving, but Kara is still feeling the heartache of leaving her coworkers. Fortunately, that one didn't have to be a "forever" goodbye (They are very adamant about meeting Baby B!)

    Pat's final day of work was on June 2, when he preached three times in the morning services for Graduation Sunday. Even though this sounds a little crazy for someone's last day, Pat felt it was a huge blessing to be able to say goodbye to each service and to thank the congregation for all of their support over the past 5 years. It was easily one of Pat's greatest and most impactful sermons to date - if you missed it and would like to check it out (or watch it again, I guess) you can find it at this link!

    D r o v e • t o • C o l o r a d o

    Immediately following the services on June 2 was a goodbye party (cake and all) for us at the church. Immediately following that we hopped in the car and began our trek to Palmer Lake, CO for our missions training that we have been talking about. We split this 17-hour drive into two days, stopping for the night in Des Moines, IA. We rolled into Palmer Springs around dinnertime on Monday, and were so kindly greeted by a crowd of deer at the entrance (as seen below).


    M i s s i o n • T r a i n i n g • I n t'l

    The second picture shows where we will be living and learning for the next four weeks of training. In our cohort, there are 38 adults and 34 kids - all who are preparing to leave for the mission field in the next six months. It's been so cool to meet people from all over the country, who will be moving all over the world! Monday through Friday we have class/training for the mission field from 8:30am-4pm with the adults, and the kids are split into multiple age groups for their own experience here. Everything is so intentional and catered to the different age groups, we have been really impressed with all that they do to help families be comfortable here and prepare for the future!

    We hope to post some updates on what we're learning and experiencing on our blog if you want to keep an eye out!  This can be found here on ou r website or facebook page 

    B a b y  B

    Baby B sure is growing! We are now 26 weeks along and measuring approx 15 inches long! Baby B seems to favor Kara's right side, typically making themselves very known by pressing themselves up against the right side (creating a very lopsided belly) or curling up under Kara's ribs at very opportune times... Even so, we've got kicking and turning all over, and only growing more and more frequent! We are getting so excited to meet Baby B, and can't believe that by our next newsletter we will be in our THIRD TRIMESTER!

    Fun tidbit - each time Pat got up to preach on Sunday into the microphone, Baby would go nuts at the sound of his voice! This kid sure loves their dad.


    Prayer requests:
    - Physical and emotional energy for long days in the classroom here at training

    - Continued health for Kara and Baby B
    - Smooth travel and experiences for those going down to CCCD this month (and the rest of the summer)
    - Any unknown prayer requests for the village and schools


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