November 2019 Newsletter

    Can you believe it’s already November? We certainly can’t! The fact that we leave for Jamaica in just two months is mind-boggling (and a little overwhelming!) We have had a busy October (hence the longer newsletter - read the underlined for highlights!) With the holiday season and the move now upon us, we’re gearing up for things to get even busier. 


    Trip · to · Jamaica

    Pat’s trip to Jamaica at the end of October went very well. He went down to prepare our house for us and make some bigger necessary purchases (think stove, bed, etc.) Above you’ll see a photo of our home on the island, as well as a collection of the things we sent down on the storage container in August and in suitcases on this trip! Pat did a phenomenal job of unpacking and organizing these things, in addition to putting together Silas’ crib, installing curtain rods, cleaning the space, making purchases, and meeting Silas’ future pediatrician. Pat was able to spend time with the residents in the village and get a better feel of the nearest town - Mandeville. Having Pat go down for a few days ahead of our big move will be the gift that keeps on giving, as we won’t have to complete these tasks on our first day there (like putting Silas’ crib together!) While Pat was gone, Kara and Silas stayed with Kara’s parents. We really missed one another, and are happy that the next trip will be all together!

    · Fundraising ·

    As of October, we are nearly 90% funded for the first year!!! This is an incredible feat and we could not have done it without each of you supporting us in one way or another. THANK YOU!!! We have been given the green light to move in January regardless of our support at that point, but we would love to be 100% funded. Would you consider what financially supporting us could look like for you?  We are looking for a few more monthly supporters.
    Either way, we appreciate your continued prayers in this department!


    House · Sale

    We received wonderful news that our house sale is pending! We are now in the midst of selling our bigger pieces of furniture, as we will be moving out in the beginning of December. As RCA Partner Personnel, we have access to the RCA’s houses here in Holland. These fully-furnished houses are set aside for those working in missions to use in transition or when in town on furlough. We will be able to stay in one of these houses until we leave for Jamaica in January. This is a huge blessing to not only continue to have our own space, but to sell our bigger furniture items and be able to stay in Holland and be near family and friends for the holidays! If you’re in the market for any particular furniture, we’re probably selling some :) Please be in prayer for this transition, and that things with the sale go smoothly

    · Silas ·

    We can’t believe he’s two months old! We continue to adjust to life as parents and a family of three (four if you include our dog Oliver!) Silas is growing like a weed, and it feels as though he has new developmental skills to share every day. He loves being sung to, cuddles, smiling (and making lots of other faces), looking at windows, and riding in the car. We have loved getting to introduce him to everyone, and bring him places dear to us like Lake Michigan! Please be in prayer for his continued health, especially as we are in flu season and have some traveling and big transitions coming up! 


    Prayer requests:
    - Continued health for our family 
    - Peace in the big transition upon us — not only for us, but for our families, especially over the holidays
    - For our Visas and work permits to come through sooner than later -- this could delay us leaving!
    - That the house sale goes smoothly and timely 
    - For the remaining needed funds to come in before year’s end
    - Any known or unknown prayer requests within the CCCD schools and village 


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