Nov. 2020 Newsletter

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    How is it November?!
    It's been over a month since our last newsletter, so we have lots to share! Rather than going into detail on a few things, we're going to share briefly about a number of updates (so this email isn't super long).
    If you are interested in hearing more about any of them, please drop us a line :) We would love to connect!
    First, we have had a number of people ask about how they can visit us or come down on a team. Although the pandemic has wrecked havoc on our hopes of people physically coming to visit, there may be a way for you all to still experience life down here...

    V I R T U A L   T E A M S

    Starting in 2021, CCCD will be offering the chance to visit Jamaica and CCCD virtually! The virtual team experience will include:

    • Helping fund a project on the island
    • Meeting people on campus
    • Participating in realtime island events 
    • Coming together to create an impact in your own community
    • Helping your church family learn what CCCD is all about
    • Affordable discounts for couples and families

    Your funds will help pay Deaf workers, fund a specific project, and facilitate your travel experience. This is an opportunity that Pat is having a large hand in along with the President of CCCD! The hope is that groups (from couples to small families to youth groups to large congregations) can utilize this to still experience all that is happening here in Jamaica in the midst of the pandemic.

    We are dying to share this place with you all... So if you are interested in learning more, click the video above or email info@cccdjamaica.net


    C I S T E R N

    The day after we got out of quarantine, Pat was checking the water levels in our cistern tank below the house and noticed the levels were incredibly low. He and a few of the guys on campus found a large crack in our cistern that was leading to us losing water...we're talking about 100 gallons per hour. Above you can see the guys in the cistern after we drained it, fixing the crack over a few days - as well as mixing concrete to patch the crack. For reference, that ladder leads up to an opening in our main room, which usually has an iron cover over it.


    S T O R M S

    Mid-October, we experienced Tropical Storm Delta. We got a ton of rain and high winds, paired with cool weather. It really felt like a Midwest fall here! We had a few days of break from the rain, when our cistern got fixed, but then we experienced quarantine on a new level when the Caribbean got hit with hurricane Epsilon. It torrential downpoured for five days straight at our house!You can see in the photo above a shot of our view for those few days - this view is usually a mountainscape! We started to go a little nuts, but fortunately, by the end of the hurricane, our cistern was back to overflowing...silver lining :)

    C H U R C H

    Jamaica issued a policy in place for the foreseeable future that limits gatherings (including churches) to 15 people. Because of this, we and our fellow missionaries are not attending the Deaf church on campus so as not to take up seats for the Deaf. Instead, we have been meeting as missionaries on Sunday mornings to listen to a sermon and have fellowship time. You can see Silas and a couple of the girls enjoying some worship above!


    M I N I S T R Y

    Our ministry here continues to develop. Kara has continued work on the Transition Plan for the residents here at JDV which will go into effect in January (more on this in another newsletter). Pat and the Deaf pastor here have been working on a church plan to further give direction on the future of the Deaf church here at the Village. In addition, we have been working to encourage community and belonging here at JDV through things such as...

    C O M M U N I T Y   L U N C H E S

    With not having any mission teams here since March, and no teams for the foreseeable future, we wanted to do something regularly to bring the community together. Pat was able to find a donor in the US from a team that wasn't able to come down, and asked if they would be interested in funding a community lunch. They were interested, and ended up sending funds for FOUR community lunches! These entail hiring our usual chef (who owns a catering business) and setting up outside the campus conference center over a workday lunch (once per month or so). So far, we have had two, and they have been wonderful! If you are interested in supporting a community lunch, please reach out to us and see how you can get involved!


    H O U S E   F R I E N D S

    With all the rain we have been getting, many insects find their way inside to shield from the storm...Check out this giant moth we discovered one evening! At first, Kara thought it was a bat...!

    S I L A S

    Nearly 14 months old and we now have a walker on our hands! Silas had taken a few steps here and there, but suddenly on Pat's birthday (October 19) he decided to walk across the room! We couldn't believe it, and he hasn't stopped practicing since. His personality only continues to develop, and every day it feels like he is showing us something new! He is an incredible little guy.

    J A M A I C A N I S M S

    Fun fact we recently learned: Jamaican cockroaches can FLY! We don't see them much any more now that we are very established in our house, but they don't get any less gross when we do find one...


    Prayer requests:
    - PRAISE for continued health within our family and CCCD as a whole - still no reported COVID cases!
    - PRAISE for a fixed cistern
    - PRAYER for students in Jamaica. All Jamaican schools are virtual until January, but there is talk that they will remain virtual through the rest of the school year. This is very hard on students and families here, many who are having to do all of their schooling from a cell phone.
    - PRAYER for CCCD's newest missionary, Leah. Leah was a teacher with CCCD for a year before, and this month she moved down full-time into the Kingston campus!
    - PRAYER as we approach the holidays. The reality is, we miss our family, friends, and West Michigan traditions! We feel at peace about being here right now, but the missing of our people never goes away.


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