October 2019 Newsletter

    September has been a really sweet time for our family as we get to know Silas better each day! He has been a great eater and sleeper, and he loves cuddles and listening to his dad sing to him. We are certainly still adjusting to parenting (and maybe will be for the next 18+ years), but we have felt incredibly blessed by our community this month - thank you for your prayers, emails, thoughts, and meals! 

    House ·  Sale

    Our house is officially on the market!  While this has been a long time coming, this step has been an emotional one for us both. We have loved this house as our first home together (and now Silas' first home), but it has become much more than just where we live. Our home has been a home for those in our community for the past five years, whether it was friends living here, family gathering on holidays, or hosting our loved ones regularly. Putting it on the market has been a really big leap of faith for us in knowing we will not have this place to come back to. Despite grieving the selling of it, we welcome prayers for the right buyers to come along!

    Jamaica · Visit

    At the end of October, Pat will be going to Jamaica to prepare our home there for our arrival in January. He will be purchasing furniture and other home essentials, as well as setting up the house. Prayers for Pat's travels and his time in Jamaica are appreciated!

    Old · Suitcases

    We are looking for old suitcases for Pat's trip this month, as well as when we move in January! (We will be checking these bags, so the bigger the better!) If you have any suitcases you no longer need, feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or Facebook

    RCA ·  Mission ·  Partner ·  Personnel

    As we shared last month, we have been officially approved as Reformed Church of America Mission Partner Personnel! We wanted to share the link for giving through the RCA for those who were interested (see here). The RCA is working on adding our ministry profile to their website, which we will share once it is live!

    [Our first Sunday at church!]

    Prayer requests:
    - Health and wellness for Silas 
    - The sale of our home
    - Pat's travels to Jamaica at the end of October
    - For our Visa and Work Permit processing to go smoothly
    - Pat's new semester at WTS (with more credits than he has taken in previous semesters)
    - Any other unknown prayer requests within CCCD's administration, schools, and village


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