• June 2019 Newsletter

    May has been quite a month - it's difficult to know where to even start in sharing about it. The past few days alone have been incredibly eventful, so bear with us in this newsletter as some of this has *technically* happened in June :)

  • May 2019 Newsletter

    Happy May, everyone! We can hardly believe this is our last full month of working at our jobs.

  • April 2019 Newsletter

    A longer newsletter, we just have so much to share from our time in Jamaica!

  • March 2019 Newsletter

    Boy have we got news for you...

    It's true! The Lord has blessed us with the incredible gift of pregnancy. We were initially in total shock when we found out, but we are absolutely thrilled and honored to be entering into the role of parents.

  • Feb. 2019 Newsletter

    Can you believe we're already a month into the new year?  This month has been busy for us as we continue to plan what the next year is going to look like. January has also been met with a lot of snow -- five snow days in a row, in fact!