• July 2019 Newsletter

    Happy July, everyone! We are now back home in West Michigan from our four weeks in Colorado at Mission Training International.

  • Training Update #2

    Hey friends! Here's a little video updating you on our time at MTI (while Kara fights off some insects midway through).

  • Training Update

    Hey friends! Here's a short video describing our time at MTI so far. We're finishing up week 2 out of 4 weeks and have learned a lot!

  • June 2019 Newsletter

    May has been quite a month - it's difficult to know where to even start in sharing about it. The past few days alone have been incredibly eventful, so bear with us in this newsletter as some of this has *technically* happened in June :)

  • May 2019 Newsletter

    Happy May, everyone! We can hardly believe this is our last full month of working at our jobs.