Summer 2022 Update

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    If you are laughing at the title "Quarter 2 Newsletter" because it's nearly August, you're not alone. We can't believe how the summer has flown by. Between work, traveling, and settling, the Bloemendaals have stayed very busy! We wanted to give you an update on the recent happenings in our life and CCCD, and show you some cute kids along the way.


    D E B R I E F  &  R E N E W A L

    In June, we had the privilege of attending Debrief and Renewal at Mission Training International in Colorado as a family. For those of you who may remember, we attended MTI for our pre-field training for a month before we moved to Jamaica. Their Debrief and Renewal (DAR) program is targeted towards singles/couples/families moving back to the US as well as those experiencing burnout still on the field. This was a really special week to process through our time in Jamaica, particularly during COVID as new parent expatriates, and to pray over what the Lord has next for us. We were able to attend with eight other families, and therefore got to be in relationship with so many people in the same transition as we are in. This was huge for us in talking through our shared experiences and moves.

    Moving from Jamaica back to our hometown has left many under the assumption that life seamlessly slid back into what "was", when in reality the transition has been challenging and we are still figuring out what life for our family looks like in the US. We moved pre-covid, pre-kids (nearly), and pre-life in Jamaica. We have felt a lot of affirmation in our move and our new positions with CCCD, but we want to humbly ask for your continued prayers over this transition for our family.


    In May, we traveled to NYC for Kara's brother's wedding! The kids loved the big city, and we loved the time with extended family.

    Silas and Gianna never tire of looking out the window together at rabbits, cars, mowers, and sprinklers! All new concepts for these island babes.


    W O R K   U P D A T E

    We have both been loving our new positions with CCCD USA. Pat has been thriving working with LIFE teams - The island has seen 18 this year already - as well as short term missionaries (or interns). He completely revamped both programs, streamlining them and creating all new materials. Pat is currently working on the team devotional for the 2023 year, as it is filling up fast! He is also helping plan the Go Grow Together fall campaign - We'll share details in our next newsletter! Pat is scheduled to lead a few vision trips over the next year in Jamaica - starting this November - and has a number of speaking and preaching opportunities coming up!

    Kara has been equally enjoying her position as Office Administrator. She loves using her administrative skills again, and has been intimately getting to know the organization's financial side after a massive software update in June! Between accounting, bookkeeping, and office management, she's staying busy!


    We've been indulging in all things Michigan Summer - Our favorite time of year made even more special by sharing it with our kids!

    S U P P O R T

    As we continue to raise support for our work with CCCD, we wanted to remind you that our funds are now through CCCD directly (previously they were housed with our home church, Community Reformed Church). To give directly online, you can go to this page. For information on additional ways to give, visit our website!

    CCCD USA has just launched our annual Back to School campaign! Donations will purchase school and dorm supplies, help us bring auxiliary staff back to campus, and make it so we can fully stock all of our kitchens as we prepare for another school year. Click here for more information and to give!

    Are you or your church interested in visiting CCCD? Pat's your guy. Send him an email at Pat@cccdjamaica.org to learn more!


    We can't believe how big both kids are getting - Silas will be 3 in September (and starting an outdoor threeschool the next day!), and Gianna will be 1 in August! We have found ourselves enjoying parenthood in a new way this season. Although travel and transitions with a toddler and an infant have their challenges, we are so grateful they're ours!!


    What's new in Jamaica?
    With students out of school for the summer, campuses are refreshing and preparing for the upcoming school year. LIFE teams have consistently visited each campus, and funds from these teams have been aiding campuses with finalizing long-awaited projects. For example, the Jamaica Deaf Village has been in desperate need of a new 15 passenger van! We are excited to share that their new van (or "bus") will be arriving on campus in August. The first week of August, CCCD is hosting a health fair with a Holland-based team that will be going down. The purpose of this health fair is to reach the Deaf who are not connected to CCCD or another Deaf school. There will be hearing screenings done, crafts for kids, and staff available to share about what CCCD is doing. CCCD is also putting out a televised Public Service Announcement in the days leading up to the fair to help get word out. Please be in prayer for this event that CCCD is able to identify and meet Deaf from around the island!

    Prayer requests:
    - For all of the CCCD students who are home for the summer: That they continue to grow in their relationships with one another and with Christ, for feelings of love and support of their Deaf identities from their families, and that they would meet the upcoming school year with excitement
    - For hearts to move during CCCD's Back to School campaign towards prayerful and even financial support
    - Praise for the time that we had in Colorado at Debrief and Renewal as a family and as a community of expats
    - Prayer for our family as we continue to transition into life in the US, particularly as we look towards the change in schedule and weather that the fall and winter will bring


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