• February Update

    Happy 2022! We wanted to send out a quick update to touch base with you all on our family and ministry as of late.

  • 2021 Year End

    The past couple of months have been incredibly busy, and now we can hardly believe 2021 is nearly over! It has been a year of growth and stretching both from our ministry and our personal life. We thought we'd walk you through what's been going on recently, and share about what's coming for us in 2022!

  • May 2021 Newsletter

    We're missing seeing tulips pop up around Holland, but we did get to enjoy some more visitors this month! We also are finally ready to share the news many of you have been waiting for...

  • April 2021 Newsletter

    After over a year of waiting, we finally got to have our first visitors!

  • March 2021 Newsletter

    Unfortunately, after almost a year of warding it off, COVID-19 made its way to the Village in early February.