Year End Newsletter

    What a year 2019 has been!

    *If you're short on time, read the underlined highlights!

    Wow have we been blessed by each one of you this year. A simple email cannot fully articulate that. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support, whether that support has been through prayer, conversation, funds, meals, or somewhere in between. Thank you for loving our family and this ministry so well.


    2019 ·  Recap

    January: Began adjusting to the reality that there would be three of us moving to Jamaica!
    March: Led congregation trip to Jamaica
    May: Finished our jobs as a youth pastor and a counselor
    June: Attended 4 week missions training at Mission Training International in Colorado
    September: Gave birth to our sweet Silas on Sept 5! 
    October: Put our house up for sale, Pat visited Jamaica to prepare our house 
    November: Purchased our one-way tickets!
    December: Closed on the house, trip to CA for Kara’s sister’s wedding

    Departure ·  Date

    You read correctly! We purchased our one-way tickets to Jamaica for Jan. 5 — just over a month away now. We had tossed around January 5 as a date for a while, but when we went to look at flights and saw that date was half the price of every other Southwest flight in January, we felt affirmed that it was when The Lord wanted us to go. We are still waiting for our visas and work permits, but trust these will come in before we leave. In the event they don’t, we will enter Jamaica as tourists and continue the process from there.

    House · Sale

    We sold the house! Praise the Lord! We officially closed on Dec 2, but moved into RCA housing a week before that. This RCA housing has been an enormous blessing, as it is fully furnished and allows us to continue to have our own space before leaving. We were able to take time to grieve leaving our first house, and had the opportunity to have friends over to say goodbye to it as well. 

    · Silas·

    Our Silas is now three months old! His personality continues to unfold in front of us, and we are loving every second of being his parents! He continues to love cuddles with mom and dad, and being read and sung to. This month he’s taken very strongly to a giraffe lovey (as shown) and is trying his hardest to laugh (right now it’s just a lot of heavy breathing with his gummy smile). He has been an absolute champ with moving out of our house and adjusting to a new one. We just love him to pieces!!! 

    Pat ·  Preaching

    On Dec 29, Pat will be preaching at all of Community Reformed Church’s services (our sending church and sending agency). This will be our last Sunday at Community for a while! If you are unable to attend, Community has online live streaming of their services, as well as the ability to watch past services. You can check out both of these options, as well as service times, at www.commref.org — to watch services, click “media” in the menu! 

    Year · End · Giving

    We are so grateful for the support we have received thus far -- we literally could not do this without you!  As we approach the end of 2019, we want to ask for you to prayerfully consider giving to our mission fund and remind you that it is tax deductible.  Here is a link to our website if you would like more information about how and where to give.  We are responsible to raise 100% of our funds and you are making this mission work and future possible for our family - thank you!


    We pray that you have a wonderful December, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  See you in Jamaica in 2020!


    Prayer requests:
    - Safe travels to Los Angeles
    - For our health as we travel and prepare for the big move to Jamaica
    - That the work permits and visas are accepted and arrive on time

    - For all of the CCCD students, residents, and staff as they break for Christmas


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