• How long will you be in Jamaica?

Possibly forever. We will be signing a 3-year contract with CCCD, but are moving with the mindset that this is our forever home unless we feel called elsewhere.


  • Will you be living on the beach surrounded by palm trees and piña coladas?

When we visited Jamaica this past winter, the only time we saw the ocean was from the plane. Many people associate Jamaica with its beaches and resorts, and for a long time we did too. However, if you travel a few miles outside of Montego Bay, you will find a very different country that we often don’t hear anything about.


  • Why the Deaf population?

Research has shown that the Deaf are one of the most unreached people groups in the world. Because of the lack of awareness, rights, and accessibility surrounding the Deaf community in Jamaica, receiving an effective education and dignified employment as a Deaf person can be met with great difficulty.


  • What will you be doing there?

We will have the opportunity to serve both adults and children in the Deaf community and alongside short-term mission teams. The hope is to utilize both of our ministry experiences, along with Pat's leadership skills and seminary education and Kara's counseling experience and interpersonal skills to do this. 


  • What campus will you be at?

The plan is to have a regular presence on each campus, but to have our home on one campus.


  • Will you ever come back to visit in the States?

Yes, and we will make sure you all know when we do!

Frequently Asked Questions